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Kennel "von Athaba"
Kennel "von Athaba" located in germany - breeder of german shepherds since 1999

Welcome to the german shepherd kennel "VON ATHABA" - we are located in germany - we breed with our big team of german shepherd dog enthusiasts under the kennelname "VON ATHABA" - our breeding females are living close to their families and they are familymembers!

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The German Shepherd

Regarding the popularity of all existing dog breeds, the German Shepherd occupies an unchallenged leading place all over the world. The German Shepherd has been bred systematically since 1899.
The idea of the founder of the German Shepherd Association, Max von Stephanitz, to develop a capable, secure and even-tempered dog has turned into an international formula for success on four paws.
Several hundred thousand dog lovers in 78 countries are members of the German Shepherd Associations of the World Union. There are approximately 250,000 purebred German Shepherds with papers from the German Shepherd Association SV right now in Germany. Every year, around 15,000 puppies are registered in the German stud book.

Ypsi von Athaba
Ypsi von Athaba ... longcoat female (BSZS 2018 - V3)


"The German Shepherd is medium-sized, slightly elongated, strong and well-muscled, with dry bones and firm overall structure. It has a strong, healthy and complete set of teeth with 42 teeth (carnassial). The pointed prick ears are mobile and can be positioned correspondingly by the dog, which, among other aspects, determines his quality as a guard dog.”

father and son
father and son Vin Diesel von Athaba with his son Tyson vom Nordkristall


Therefore, it is no surprise that the popularity of German Shepherds encompasses an incredible scope. From the pleasant-natured and sociable family dog that loves children above all else, up to the police’s respect-inducing service dog who bites where necessary and essential to civil service, despite the immense technical resources available to the police. And don’t forget the rescue dog who is used for example in avalanche catastrophes and who continually manages to perform true miracles and save human lives.

Yucon von Athaba
Yucon von Athaba ... in action!!!

What dogs are able to do in service also benefits the family that lives with such a dog: Their immense learning aptitude and related excellent powers of comprehension. What more can a dog do as a human’s friend and social companion?


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